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14U Green


Coach: Nicole Manion

Assistant Coach: Abby Johnson

#15 Corbin, Ella

#17 Homich, Madison

# 7 Isackson, Rachel

# 4 Kempton, Milla

#19 Modeen, Belle

#10 Olson Emily

#12 Ramel, Kaylee

#27 Rusk, Gabriella

Practice Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 - 7:30

Superior Middle School Gym 2

Tournament Schedule

February 20

March 13

March 27

April 10

April 17

May 1

May 15 & 16         

MN North 6 Team Tournament - Duluth MN

MN North Bailey Memorial - Disc Duluth MN

29th Annual Heartland Tournament -Monticello HS MN

Hornet Fest Tournament - Big Lake MN

MN North Duluth Cup - Disc Duluth MN

MN North Head of the Lakes - Disc Duluth MN

MN Select - Maple Grove MN (2day 1/2 day play)

**Subject to change due to COVID-19**

Bailey Memorial